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What You Should Know About Cyber Identity Theft

Identity theft may not sound like a heinous crime, yet its impact on the victims can be devastating. What is more concerning is that the frequency of this type of crime is increasing. According to Identity Force, there were approximately 16.7 million victims in 2017, and 1 million of them were children. There were at least 540 million dollars were wasted on identity fraud cases.

Identity Sale on the Dark Web

a padlock on credit cardsThe Dark Web is the digital place where illegal activities take place. You cannot access those webs from your regular browsers. And even if you can, you have to be ready to be tracked down by the authority for suspicious conducts. Plenty of child pornography materials, drug sales, and stolen identities are on the dark web.

Criminals use fake identities to commit crimes. The scenario often goes like this: a criminal buys a digital verified ID from a hacker on the Dark Web, and then, he/she uses that ID to con people online. Consequently, the real person of the ID gets all the blame and legal consequences while the real perpetrator can escape.

However, frauds are still considered as a minor offense. Imagine what trouble you will be if your ID is used for an action related to child pornography and trafficking. You will have a hard time to restore your reputation.

How to Protect Yourself

antivirus logo on phoneFirst, every time you put your personal info online, you have to make sure that your device is equipped with a proper antimalware and antispyware. Paid antiviruses often have those features.

Second, you must not give your personal info if you spot any suspicious behaviors. For example, many payment platforms won't ask your passwords or authentication numbers to process an issue. However, one day, you receive a call that asks you to tell the caller your verification numbers and passwords. In that case, you are better to call the company in question directly and see if they make the call. It is very rare for payment platforms to act beyond the things that are stated on the terms and agreement page.


Surfing on the Internet requires you to be vigilant because even your identity can be a commodity to criminals. And as what you have learned from the first section, you can face a terrible consequence from identity theft.

Second, you have to invest in cybersecurity to protect yourself from the risk of identity theft. Having a decent antivirus can be an excellent anticipating move, but more importantly, you have to sharpen your critical mind and act smart if you encounter a suspicious activity.

By: Frank Sparks
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Reasons to Buy Android Phones Instead of iPhones

When the smartphones entered the market for the first time in 2007 and 2008, iPhone and HTC were the only options available. Today, there are hundreds of smartphone brands across the globe. However, we can categorize them all depending on the operating systems they employ, Android or iOS.

Here, we will discuss specifically why Android phones are much preferable then iOS.

Easy Data Transfer

Android is not as rigid as iOS in terms of data transfer. For instance, if you want to put music files to your iPhone, you need to purchase them through the iTunes. You cannot simply copy and paste your favorite songs via computer. And this same thing also happens with movie files.

Moreover, iPhone uses AirDrop to transfer data between phones. And because Android users outnumber iPhone users, you may experience difficulties before you can share your files with your friends. Of course, it does not mean that such a task is impossible to perform. You can install a file-sharing app, such as Share It, and send your files to your friend. However, it is still a hassle to go through.

Abundant Free Apps

The primary advantage of using an Android phone is that you do not need to spend extra money on apps. Google Playstore gives the users access to many free apps. The monetization in Android uses ads that will occasionally appear while you are using the apps.

iPhones, on the other hand, require you to buy many of the apps. There are some free features, but compared to what the Android can offer you, they are nothing.

Memory Card Compatibility

iPhone users never feel the advantage of removable memory cards from their phones. In fact, they must buy a new phone if they want to upgrade the memory capacity. On the contrary, Android phones have memory card slots. You do not need to waste more money only to get more data storage.

Superior Care Service

Android phones allow you to repair your phones anywhere, and they are also flexible regarding the spare parts. If you use iPhones, you can only fix your phone in the authorized outlets. This facility may seem like a good idea, yet the price for the service is often extremely high.

Besides, some iPhone accessories are way behind Android phones. For instance, the charging cables for iPhones have not yet adopted the magnetic charging technology. Consequently, it will frequently break and need replacement. Android phones, on the other hand, have used that wireless charging feature so that you do not need to replace your charging accessories periodically.…

By: Frank Sparks
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