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Four Best Tech Upgrades for Your Home

When you're thinking of a makeover for your home, maybe you should try a different approach. Most house owners think about it the old way, where such an upgrade only means the improvement on the house's curb appeal and some maintenance on the house's essentials. But since our life has become inseparable from technology, has it ever crossed your mind to add more tech to your home? 

Here, we'll discuss the best four tech upgrades to overhaul your house!

Surveillance Cameras

a camera lenseToday's surveillance cameras come in many sizes and shapes.

As for the outdoors, upgrade your house's security camera system with wireless HD cameras that have a night-vision and motion detection features. They are usually sold no more than $200 per unit, which makes them an ideal investment in security. 

Also, make your system compatible with your mobile gadgets via a cloud service. With today's internet infrastructure, you can have real-time access to the video footage recorded by your security cameras. 

Smart Locks

a smart lockHave you ever been late to an appointment because you need to go back to your house to make sure all doors have been locked? If you have, then smart locks are the best solution for you! With smart locks, you can detect which doors are locked or unlocked. And you can even control those locks remotely. 

Moreover, you can create an electronic key that can be shared with whomever you want. This feature works best when you're away, but then there are family members who come to visit you by surprise.

Smart Light Bulbs 

a smart led bulb

You can do almost everything with your smartphone these days. And that includes turning the lights on and off. Moreover, some can even adjust their color to music and movies to give you an immersive lighting experience, like Philips' smart bulb starter kit, for example. With only $145, the kit comes with three smart bulbs and a hub. 


Robovacs are more than just a fancy robot for your house. They do clean the floor by vacuuming it. And some models can even mop the floor. With a robovac running automatically 24/7, you can keep your house clean without having to waste your time on such a mundane task. 

However, don't bother buying a secondhand robovac because you can get a new one with only $200 these days. Secondhand robovacs often have issues with their battery capacity. 

By: Frank Sparks
In: Gadgets, Smart Home
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