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Improve your Qualities as a Boss through Effective Communication

The future of companies depends largely on the qualities of their chief executive officer, the manager. With the task of supervising the whole operations of the company and making the most critical management decisions,  the manager is the most accountable officer in a company.

It is a fundamental requirement that the boss in the company should have high educational attainment appropriate for the job and long years of experience in a related field to gain the necessary expertise to lead the company. He must possess positive values of a good leader, the necessary skills and motivation to be able to lead the company to success.

Communication is an integral part of the varied managerial roles of the manager of a company. Finding ways to improve communication within the company should be management’s priority to be able to enhance the attainment of goals. An improved manner of communication through personal adjustments and new technologies like the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can work wonders for the efficient accomplishment of the multi-functions of the manager.

Virtual Meetings

managerA company should have executive meetings with its department heads on a regular basis. This is to monitor performances of each division of the company and to be able to lay on the table probable problems that can affect productivity.

Through VoIP, meetings can be done virtually within your company and with other stakeholders requiring no physical preparation of your conference hall but with the same objective, which is to share ideas pertinent to the company.

Communication Back-Up

With the amazing feature of VoIPs to record unanswered calls and convert them to e-mail messages, you can rest assured that your message will get across. This communication innovation prevents communication lapses by transcribing your call to text messages and sends it in the form of e-mail. This will give you peace of mind and you will not need to worry that you have not communicated some vital information.


messagingAs a manager, you will feel less accomplished if you do not receive feedback on your activities. The VoIP is a communication tool that gives you reports on calls you made which is instrumental in decision making. The comprehensive report serves as reminder for accomplished works and those that need to be attended with. With only a stable network support Cincinatti, you can experience all these fantastic developments.

Message Clarity

With a stable internet, calls are clearer through VoIP than when using landline telephone because it can get choppy any time. Make sure that you are understood by your employees when you call them, or you may end up as having not made that call at all.

Keeping open lines between management and its employees is still the best management strategy to avoid communication gaps but reinforcing it with technology is far better.


By: Frank Sparks
In: technology
Frank Sparks